About Us

The Arizona Desert 10-10 International Chapter was formed in 1998, (this is our 20 year anniversary) to promote goodwill among the many individuals of the amateur radio community, while encouraging the use of the 10 Meter Amateur Radio Band.
Our Chapter Call Sign is K7AZX, with a 10-10 number of 70527, and a VP number of 3241.

Please join us on our net held every Sunday evening at 18:00 Mountain Standard Time, which is also Monday morning at 01:00 UTC (GMT). The net frequency is 28.445 MHz, upper sideband.

Chapter Head (CH) - Art Hoffman (W7ART)
Alternate Chapter Head (ACH) - Ron McKee (AJ7T)
K7AZX License Trustee - Steve Gurley (KY7W)
Certificate Manager (CM) - Serg Ticknor (W7MC)
Webmasters - Kent Duffy (KA7BHK), Jeff Ronay (K7JGR)

Here is the normal weekly Net Control schedule:
Note: 5th Sundays occur April 29th, July 29th, September 30th, and December 30th, 2018.

1st Week - Art Hoffman (W7ART)
2nd Week - Ron McKee (AJ7T)
3rd Week - John Jacques (KD8PC)
4th Week - Jeff Ronay (K7JGR)
5th Week - JD (KF7VOX)
New Net Control Operators are always welcome!

Past Chapter Heads
David Jones - N7YU
Steve Gurley - KY7W
Marty FitzPatrick - WB7X