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The Arizona Desert Chapter of 10-10 International was formed in 1998, (Note, 2023 is our 25th anniversary)  to promote goodwill among the many individuals of the Amateur Radio Community. We encourage the continued use of the 10 Meter Amateur Service Band. We especially try to keep the band occupied with traffic even during low sunspot cycle periods of poor propagation.

Ten meters is very much a "magic" band with propagation through the phenomena of ground wave, backscatter, eme, and short and long skip.

If you would like to be part of this endeavor as a member of the Arizona Desert Chapter, we would consider it a privilege to have you join us. Membership is FREE.

A 10-10 International number is required to join the Arizona Desert Chapter.

Become a member by:
1. contacting a founding member ("F" follows ADC number), or
2. contacting a special qualifying member ("SQ" follows ADC number), or
3. contacting three (3) regular members.

Choose one of the application forms below, fill out, and mail it to:

Stephen Wagner (W7WHB)
Arizona Desert Chapter of 10-10 International
338 North Nevada Way
Gilbert, AZ 85283

If you would like to receive our beautiful full color certificate depicting one of our beautiful Arizona desert sunsets with your contact information filled out in gold, please include U.S. $5.00 cash or check from addresses in North America or US $8.00 from addresses outside North America with your membership application. Please make checks payable to Stephen Wagner.

Membership Application PDF

Membership Application Word