10-10 International - Arizona Desert Chapter - Net


Your Net Control this Sunday Mar 10, 2024 is Ron McKee, AJ7T.

2024 - 1st Quarter ins:

Date Net Ctrl ins Qtr Avg
Jan 07 JD 32 32.00
Jan 14 Ron 30 31.00
Jan 21 Jim 33 31.67
Jan 28 Jeff 31 31.50
Feb 04 JD 36 32.40
Feb 11 Ron 30 32.00
Feb 18 John 33 32.14
Feb 25 Jeff
Mar 03 JD
Mar 10 Ron
Mar 17 John
Mar 24 Jeff
Mar 31 Jim

Please join us on our net held every Sunday evening at 18:00 Mountain Standard Time, (Monday morning at 01:00 UTC). The net frequency is

28.445 MHz, upper sideband.

Here is the regular weekly Net Control schedule:
NOTE: 5th Sundays occur Mar 31, Jun 30, Sep 29, and Dec 29, 2024
1st Sunday: JD - KF7VOX
2nd Sunday: Ron McKee - AJ7T
3rd Sunday: John Jacques - KD8PC
4th Sunday: Jeff Ronay - K7JGR
5th Sunday: Jim Steinmetz - WX7G
New Net Control Operators are always welcome!

The Arizona Desert Chapter 10-10 net is a directed net, with the following general format:
1. A brief prelude.
2. Member short-time and mobile check-ins.
3. The regular "ground-wave" roll call of member check-ins.
4. Any other check-ins, in or out-of-state, with or without a 10-10 number.

NOTE: The Ground Wave roll call is alphabetically ordered by call sign suffix--these are the letter(s) following the number in your call. An example illustrates:
WB0ABM's suffix (ABM) alphabetically comes before W7ACX. Therefore, WB0ABM is called first. You can use this method to figure out where you will appear in the ground wave roll call.

10-10 international members with an Arizona Desert Chapter number are added to the ground wave roll call and are kept on the current list when they check in regularly. If we have not heard from a station in quite a while, we will remove the call to be fair to the active members.

NOTE on QST's: There is always room for your QST. Please share your thoughts and information with the group!

Finally, it takes people to make a net! We thank each of you for your continued participation, time, and support of the amateur radio hobby on 10 meters, and we look forward to "seeing" and hearing you on the Arizona Desert Chapter 10-10 net!