Your Net Control this Sunday, Jul 22, 2018 is Jeff Ronay, K7JGR.

Please join us on our net held every Sunday evening at 18:00 Mountain Standard Time, which is also Monday morning at 01:00 UTC (GMT). The net frequency is

28.445 MHz, upper sideband.

The Arizona Desert Chapter 10-10 net is a directed net, with the following general format:
1. A brief prelude, followed by...
2. Member short-time and mobile check-ins...
3. The regular "ground-wave" roll call of member check-ins...
4. Any other check-ins, in or out of state, with or without a 10-10 number.

There is always room for your QST to the members, and these will be called for several times during the net.
We look forward to "seeing" and hearing you on the Arizona Desert Chapter 10-10 net!